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All Puffys Are Topped With Lettuce & Tomatoes. 
Any Substitutions Are Extra Charge ~ We Accept Cash & Credit Cards Only.
C-1 One Cheese Enchilada & One Beef Puffy Taco  $5.99
C-2 Two Cheese Enchiladas & Two Beef Tacos  $9.99
C-3 Three Cheese Enchiladas & Three Beef Tacos  $13.99
Puffy Tacos, Crispy or Soft (3 in Order) Beef or Chicken $6.99
Guacamole  $5.99
Combination  (1) Chicken (1) Beef & (1) Guacamole  $7.99
Tortas  Asada, Al Pastor, Beef or Chicken Fajitas  $6.89
1 Pound Barbacoa  $18.99
With Beans, Pico de Gallo & 6 Tortillas, Your Choice of Flour or Corn (Served All Day)
  Side Orders:
    Lettuce & Tomato Salad  $2.55
    Refried Beans  $2.25
    Spanish Rice  $2.25
    Charro Beans  $2.75
    Portion Order of Rice & Beans  $3.75
    Small Order of Rice or Beans 6oz  $4.50
    Medium Order of Rice or Beans 16oz  $6.95
    Texas Size Order of Rice or Beans 32oz  $8.95
Chalupas Compuestas: (two in order)
Beef or Chicken, Beans, Guacamole & Cheese,
Topped with Lettuce & Tomato $7.29
Beans & Cheese (2 in order) $5.99
Enchiladas: (three in order)
All Enchiladas Are Covered with Our Famous
Chili Con Carne & Gravy, Topped w/Cheese
Regular Cheese Enchiladas  $6.99
Beef Enchiladas  $7.99
Chicken Enchiladas  $7.99
Tamale w/Chile  $8.99

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